World War Z - The Frontline of Youth Ministry

Generation Z, people born after 1993, are the newest crop of teenagers with an entirely unique world view, new cultural customs, and an ever evolving language, who quite frankly, scare us adults. Join Ronnie Lunn, the Co-ordinator of Youth Ministry at Saint Benedict Parish, to discuss how you can create an environment where evangelization, deeper conversion, and discipleship can flourish, even if your parish has no youth.

Presented by Ronnie Lunn.

June 14, 2016 at 1:30pm - 2:45pm
Mount Saint Vincent University - Seton Auditorium D
Ludwig Heil domenic inneo Debbie Power Mary Kay Boase Madalene Wilson David Bergeron Collette Power Javis Lubwama Sabah Metlej Janice Howes Michelle Lepine David Cummings Karen Nelson Dan Prendergast Carolyn Kilonsky Elisabeth Crosby Sandy O'Shaughnessy Marc Moreau Marc Puigmarti Raymond Reitzel jeannette cohn Stephen Herrera Elaine Mailman Anne-Sophie Gillet Bernice Gerbeaux Connie Quadrini Diane Gibbons Julie Noce Sheila Valastro Michelle Braden Chris Leach Patty Hubbard Cameron Landry Steve Sirois Robert Comeau Kevin Gauthier Sr Mary Rose Reddy Nicolas DuBonnet Chad Meyers Christine Isenor Terrilyn Donohue James Meuse Michel Landry Patricia Wiedemer Jared Frey Jacques Kabangu Fatima Walsh Carmen Rodriguez-Brick

Will you come?