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Divine Renovation Guidebook

DR_Guidebook.jpgSince its publication, Divine Renovation has prompted many pastors and their teams from around the world to reach out to Fr James for help in making their parishes missional. Overwhelmed by the response and filled with an intense desire to assist these parishes, Fr James has written a step-by-step manual for transforming a parish.

The "Divine Renovation Guidebook" includes the practical information and tools needed to put the ideas from the book into practice. Pastors will delight in Fr James empathetic and clear delivery of the material in this guidebook.

His prayer is that the Holy Spirit will guide many parishes to use this book to more effectively go out into the world and make disciples of all nations.

The "Divine Renovation Guidebook" was launched at the Divine Renovation
Conference in Halifax June, 2016.

U.S. English Version

International English Version

Priest Internships

St. Benedict Parish is currently welcoming Priests to join the team for an unpaid internship opportunity. Past internships provided rich experiences for the men who were called to them. If you’re interest in exploring this opportunity with the team at St. Benedict Parish, please reach out by email to learn more.