Volunteer Orientation

In preparation for the conference, the Planning Committee will be hosting a Volunteer Orientation session on Tuesday, May 10 from 7-9pm at the Saint Benedict Parish Auditorium.

We are asking all volunteers to attend and to bring your calendar so you can sign up for specific time slots and tasks! More information will be available at the event.

May 10, 2016 at 7pm - 9pm
St Benedict Parish Auditorium
Marlene Millett Steve Clancey Eileen Bridge Pat Burgess Rose Moarbes Rosemary Kuehn Scott MacKinnon Stella Fogarty Anne Curran Wally Bonin Evie Bonin Marian Coffin Linda Partington Robert Lancashire Ernestine Gouthro Felicia & Tony Eghan Matthew Power Judy Savoy Carol Matheson Paul and Rita Christian Heather Bowers Neil Meister Christine Baker Gloria Pippy Alana Cormier Tom and Petra Hackmann John B. MacDonsld Lea Anne McLeod Sandra Clarke June O'Brien Marco Lopresti Lynn Clark Sherri Ball Joan Chamberlain Frances Murdock Ruth Anne Morris Mark O'Laughlin Jackie MacDonald Deidry Brooks Linda Hamilton Karen Gibson Nancy Purcell Bill Scollard Shawna Nichols Bonnie LeFrank Chantal O'Laughlin Debbie MacDonald Anna Mielmik

Will you come?