The Game Plan

You need a compelling vision and a clear strategy that you and others can articulate on the back of a napkin!  We do what we do with intention and purpose. Come learn the big picture and ask questions, compare it to what you are doing, steal ideas and develop your own game plan.

Presented by Ron Huntley.

June 14, 2016 at 3:15pm - 4:30pm
Mount Saint Vincent University - Seton 530/531
Brittany Mastroianni Aimee Godfrey Amy McKenzie Julie Freeman Pat Smith Philip D. Kenny Troy Jennings Collette Power Fr Chas Canoy Carmel Van Brussel Steve Ryan Janice Howes Andrea Goodrich Diahne Goodwin Rev Paul Sughrue Judy Griffith-Coulombe Jody Robertson Al Jones Nicolas DuBonnet Jerry Tavares David Cummings Terry Kirby Jack Gray Elisabeth Crosby Joe Jordano Raymond Reitzel Bernice Gerbeaux Eileen DePaoli Alan Patre Lynn Sherman Greg Miller Sarah Rodrigues Marianne Bruneau Fr Matthew Lamoureux Fr. James Proffitt Margo Morin Leah Grant Andre Regnier Bradley Black Beatrice Metzler Shawn Hughes Julien Toqueboeuf Susan Rausch Cynthia Joseph Jean Morris Claire Doyle Patrick Krisak Brenda Litchfield

Will you come?