Chris Yetman

Chris_Yetman_photo.jpgChris is one of the newest members to our pastoral team and is the Director of Engagement. He is our in house Leadership Coach investing in Ministry Directors and overseeing the development and growth of our Connect Groups. In addition he organizes our New@SBP events focusing on welcoming new members to the Church

He had a spiritual awakening during his first Alpha session and experienced a profound deepening of his faith during his 2014 Camino Pilgrimage.

Chris is married to his beautiful wife Susan and the father of 3 wonderful children, 4 if you count his beloved Portuguese Water Dog.


Bishop Tom Dowd


Bishop Thomas Dowd is one of Canada’s youngest bishops and represents a new generation of leadership in the Canadian Catholic Church.  Born in Lachine, Quebec, Dowd studied at Concordia  and obtained a Bachelor of Commerce degree in 1993.  After working several years he entered the seminary and was ordained a priest of the Archdiocese of Montreal in 2001.  He served in various capacities for ten years until Pope Benedict appointed him Auxiliary Bishop of Montreal.  He was ordained to the episcopacy on Sept 10, 2011.  Bishop Dowd has exhibited a desire to use new methodologies to spread the Gospel and build up the Church.  After his ordination he was the first priest in Canada to have a blog and was a regular on Twitter when most of us thought that tweeting was simply what birds did.  This openness to new methods makes him passionate about parish renewal and led Bishop Dowd to spearhead a partnership between Saint Benedict Parish and the Divine Renovation Apostolate and the Archdiocese of Montreal.  We are thrilled to have him with us at DR2016.



Kim Sampson

Kim.pngKim Sampson is a graduate of St.Francis Xavier University, with a concentration in jazz piano . Upon graduation , she began teaching private piano and flute lessons. Over the past 38 years, she has been involved in music ministry as an accompanist , song leader, choral director and composer with my principal instruments being piano, flute and organ . Her role at St. Benedict Parish is the choir director/accompanist of the Contemporary Choir as well as the director of the Consolation Choir .


Eric Myatt


Eric Myatt is a full time lay missionary with Catholic Christian Outreach, a university student movement dedicated to evangelization. He has been involved with Alpha and forms of Connect Groups for 10 years, including being on a Global Alpha Training team to Mexico. He is Director of Alpha at St. Ignatius Church near Halifax, and is supported by St. Benedict through their Alpha Team Training, coaching, and Alpha Day away. 


John Stevens

John_Stevens.pngJohn Stevens is the Manager of the Office of Pastoral Life and New Evangelization for the Archdiocese of Halifax-Yarmouth.  John joined the diocese in 2004, after a brief career in banking, and has worked in the areas of youth ministry and evangelization.  He holds an undergraduate degree in Commerce from Saint Mary's University and a Master's Degree in Theology & Religious Studies from the Atlantic School of Theology.  John and his wife Sheri have been married for 10 years and have two daughters Faith (8) and Hope (5).


Fr. Doug MacDonald

fr_doug_needs_editing_(2).jpgAthletics are an integral aspect of Fr. Doug’s life.  He competed for eleven years around the world as a professional athlete in Heavy Events competitions at the Highland Games.  He was invited to give up Heavy Events while studying for the Priesthood; and he reluctantly made that sacrifice.  He understands that, God is never out done in giving.  Fr. Douglas MacDonald was ordained in 2008; a Priest for 7 years and Pastor for four years.  He is now the Pastor of the Stella Maris Pastoral Unit, in Isle Madame, Cape Breton where he is attempting a Divine Renovation within a rural context.


Phil & Sarah Marmen

Sarah_Phil-37.jpgPhil and Sarah Marmen are the leaders of Saint Benedict Parish’s 9am band. Although Sarah started the band in 2011, Phil joined the next year. (Then Phil fell in love with Sarah, and they married in 2014!)  Together with their band mates, the Marmens' commitment to helping people worship God through praise & worship music is unparalleled.  This past year, they coordinated the first EXALT worship conference held at Saint Benedict Parish. When they aren't doing music, Sarah works in the community as a full time pharmacist and Phil is a full-time engineering student at Dalhousie University. 


Rick Fersch

Rick_Fersch_-_Archdiocese_of_Seattle.JPGRick is the Director of Evangelization and Stewardship at the Archdiocese of Seattle.  He is passionate about seeing a divine renovation of the parishes he serves.  Rick is a Father and Grandfather and brings years of experience of leading within the business world having previously served as the President and CEO of Eddie Bauer for fourteen years.  A medical crisis proved a turning point in Rick’s life when at the age of fifty he suffered a stroke.  This experience caused him to reevaluate his life and make a decision to step down from Eddie Bauer and serve the mission of the Church full time.


Dominic Perri

dominic_perri.pngDominic Perri is director of the Amazing Parish team, helping develop content and provide consultation to parishes across North America.  Dominic has worked with over 100 Catholic organizations in over 30 dioceses.  He is married with two daughters and lives in the suburbs of Chicago.


Rev. Nicky Lee & Sila Lee


Nicky and Sila Lee are the Founders of The Marriage & Marriage Preparation Courses, The Parenting Children & Parenting Teenagers Courses and over the last thirty years have developed and produced resources to help support family life through the local church. They regularly speak to thousands of guests at training events and conferences worldwide.

They are co-authors of The Marriage Book, which is based on The Marriage Preparation Course and The Marriage Course, and The Parenting Book, which is based on The Parenting Children Course and The Parenting Teenagers Course.

There are currently more than 7,000 Marriage and Parenting Courses being run in 127 countries.  Resources for the Marriage and Parenting Courses have been translated into 46 languages.

Nicky and Sila are both on staff at Holy Trinity Brompton (HTB) where Nicky is Associate Vicar.  They have been married for 39 years and have 4 children and 6 grandchildren.