The Marriage Course – strong marriages, strong society

This workshop will look at how The Marriage Course can be used as a tool to strengthen the marriages of those already in the parish as well as reaching out to those on the periphery and the unchurched in our communities. While creating a positive marriage culture within the parish, The Marriage Course also acts as a tool of pre-evangelization by loving and serving couples. It supports them at a practical level as well as encouraging them to think about the beliefs and values they share. All the couples are invited to go on to do Alpha, and many do. 

Presented by Rev. Nicky Lee and Sila Lee.

June 14, 2016 at 1:30pm - 2:45pm
Mount Saint Vincent University - Seton 530/531
Rebecca Meuse Brittany Mastroianni Elena Ramessar Amy McKenzie Theresa Astle Fr Louis Grodtelaars Natalie Dejarlais Jody Robertson Janet Cummings chris smith Patricia MacDougall Eileen DePaoli Father Gill James Tiffany Sarah Rodrigues Peter Young Monica Sirois Cheryl Labrie Dcn Steve Labrie Dcn Dan Daley Elaine Young Alison Lannan Douglas MacDonald Karl Jackson J.P. Sunseri Fr. James Boric Mélanie Nodge Tim Diaz Mary Beth Pion Cynthia Joseph Richard Roberge Steve Lewellyn Tess Bondoc Nat Goodspeed Marianne Kisak Deacon Dan Finn Michael Roche Renee Goodspeed Rachel Payling Patti Cassidy Jim Lowe Sean Wenger Daren Bryk Ronald Siy James O'Connor Matt Martin John Roddam Susan McNeil

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