Music Matters

Few things can touch a person’s heart like amazing music. On the flip side few things can make a person say “This is not for me,” like bad music. Let us share with you our story of the transformation of our music ministry, along with the pitfalls and successes that we experienced. Our vision for music goes much deeper than the Sunday experience and we hope to inspire greatness in Music Ministry everywhere. 

Presented by Patrick Salah, Peter Togni, Phil and Sarah Marmen and Kim Sampson.

June 13, 2016 at 1:30pm - 2:45pm
Mount Saint Vincent University - Seton 530/531
Carole Gauthier Amy McKenzie Blair Brown Amanda Bacon Bishop Thomas Dowd Natalie Dejarlais Andrea Goodrich Troy Jennings Alcide Bouchard jeannette cohn Janet Cummings Curtis Stephan Bob Samson Sheila Valastro Santiago Fernandez Cameron Landry Steve Sirois Jackie Morganti Kevin Gauthier Michael Morris Elsie Covey Nicolas DuBonnet Darlene Cannon Brian Bacon Leny Martinez Mauricio Coronado Fatima Walsh Travis Catello J.P. Sunseri Debbie Montgomery Michael MacDonald Mélanie Nodge Margo Morin Samantha Moore Jean Morris Thomas Lyman Lawrence Hyginus Paul Orella Phyllis Geleynse Nat Goodspeed Alicia Del Vecchio Andrew Wallace Paul Shepherd Pierre Ingram Francis Ching Elizabeth Roeding Sean Stevens Georg Plank

Will you come?