Engagement-Practically Speaking

The ME25 survey and the Clifton Strengths Finder are Gallup tools that are used by churches throughout North America to grow and measure engagement.  Find out what engagement levels mean for the health of a church and how these tools contribute to a divine renovation of your own church.

Presented by Jeremy Pietrocini

June 14, 2016 at 3:15pm - 4:30pm
Mount Saint Vincent University - Seton 505/506
John jairo Rodríguez Sánchez Ana Moya Fr Jose-Maria Vasquez Fr Maximiliano Pignol Fr Jose Manzano Fr john Rodriguez Pablo Suarez Liliana Narino Debbie Power Sabah Metlej Eleanor MacDougall Chris Barnard Pastor Chris Ivany Pastor Russ Conway Julie Paquette Alcide Bouchard Stacy Golden jeannette cohn Anne-France de Boissière Curtis Stephan Elaine Mailman Cheryl McCulloch Dcn Wayne McCulloch Debbie Samson David Michels Lawrence Frazier Chris Leach Eleanor McKiel Monica Sirois Steve Sirois Michael Morris Rosa Maria Leveritt Darlene Cannon Douglas MacDonald Terrilyn Donohue Marian Corak Rebecca Hollen Martha Scott Sheila Trainor Fatima Walsh Greg Rausch Michele Gonzales Christy Dupuis J.P. Sunseri Michael Medas Ron Sullivan Erin Bajger Donna Sabin

Will you come?