Effective Communications

Ever frustrated trying to get people to listen, especially when it comes to issues in the church?  We live in a world where people of all ages are bombarded with messages from all angles: advertising, media and technology.  Come and learn about the principles that drive Saint Benedict Parish’s communication strategy so that a maximum amount of people can best be informed about what your church is about and how best to fulfill the mission of it.  

Presented by Kate Robinson.

June 13, 2016 at 3:15pm - 4:30pm
Mount Saint Vincent University - Seton Auditorium B/C
Dcn David Hasler John jairo Rodríguez Sánchez Ana Moya Fr Jose-Maria Vasquez Fr Maximiliano Pignol Fr Jose Manzano Fr john Rodriguez Pablo Suarez Liliana Narino Theresa Astle Loretta Stefura Joanne Thibeau Amanda Bacon Toochukwu Okafor Philip D. Kenny Khalil Hattar Fr Patrick Gillmurray Andrea Goodrich Diahne Goodwin Rev Paul Sughrue Judy Griffith-Coulombe Janet Cummings Katy Hylton chris smith Sabah Metlej Eleanor MacDougall Fr. James Proffitt Alan Patre Lynn Sherman Greg Miller Sarah Rodrigues Peter Young Marianne Bruneau Chris Leach DonnaRose Echeverria Steve Sirois Leo Connolly John Gannon Fr. David Kruse Diane d'Entremont Rosa Maria Leveritt Elsie Covey Chad Meyers Darlene Cannon Douglas MacDonald Brian Bacon J. Urban Cannon Greg Shakhovskoy

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