Bishop Tom Dowd


Bishop Thomas Dowd is one of Canada’s youngest bishops and represents a new generation of leadership in the Canadian Catholic Church.  Born in Lachine, Quebec, Dowd studied at Concordia  and obtained a Bachelor of Commerce degree in 1993.  After working several years he entered the seminary and was ordained a priest of the Archdiocese of Montreal in 2001.  He served in various capacities for ten years until Pope Benedict appointed him Auxiliary Bishop of Montreal.  He was ordained to the episcopacy on Sept 10, 2011.  Bishop Dowd has exhibited a desire to use new methodologies to spread the Gospel and build up the Church.  After his ordination he was the first priest in Canada to have a blog and was a regular on Twitter when most of us thought that tweeting was simply what birds did.  This openness to new methods makes him passionate about parish renewal and led Bishop Dowd to spearhead a partnership between Saint Benedict Parish and the Divine Renovation Apostolate and the Archdiocese of Montreal.  We are thrilled to have him with us at DR2016.